Stuff We're Wishing For

Njabulo naNomsa sifisa... Perry and Elizabeth wish for...

Our time in South Africa is drawing to a close, so it's not practical to try and send us stuff any longer.

Big thanks to:
  • Maple Leaf Lutheran Church, and especially Bev, who sent us many wonderful care packages. It was especially nice to receive so many cards and notes of love and support! Some days are hard here.
  • Kathy, John, and Kate, who sent us a number of lovely care packages. Especially memorable were the drawings and notes…and the pepperoni! 
  • Becky, who sent out all my science and teaching books and an abundance of school supplies.
  • Denise, who sent some much needed supplies and lovely shirts for Perry.
  • James, Molly and Drew, who sent great artwork and cards along with my replacement credit card!
Thanks again, and we'll see you in September!

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