Friday, April 27, 2012

Teaching English

Where we're from..
Although I wasn't quite sure I'd enjoy teaching English (I'm certified as an elementary education and middle level science teacher), I really had a blast with it! There I am, on the right of the photo, with four of my students: Two from Mexico, one from Somalia, and one from Hong Kong. I also had students in my class from mainland China, Taiwan, India, Ethiopia, Eritrea, Algeria, The Congo, and El Salvador. Working with such a diverse group kept things interesting but also posed certain challenges, not the least of which was trying to accommodate a vast range of proficiency levels. I hope I did right by my students and that I helped them to navigate the English language with a bit more ease! They taught me a lot about how -- and how not -- to teach English effectively.

 - by Elizabeth


  1. Hi Elizabeth - great blog about your new adventure! Thank you again for teaching English at the North Seattle Family Center, you helped us all! Looking forward to your future blogs! Ann

  2. Elizabeth (and Perry). I'm sorry I couldn't tarry a while longer yesterday but I had an appointment I was trying to make. I wish you and Perry the very best on your travels and efforts. It's a wonderful thing you are doing. We'll keep an eye on your blog to see how you are doing on your adventure. All the very best from your (ex) neighbors at 11738. -Michael and Shauna.