Wednesday, September 26, 2012

A Few Site Images…

Greetings readers, 

Here are some photos we've taken around site. When we arrived, we experienced about a week of rain (of biblical proportions). The rains swelled the stream down the street from us…now the water's gone and we've been hiking down and exploring the dry stream bed.

One of our neighbors has a large bougainvillea that was in full bloom when we arrived….

One morning I found this lizard in one of our bathing buckets. I love lizards, and they are frequently spotted here!

One of the family's chickens hatched chicks last week. We were able to pick them up -- baby chicks are so soft and fluffy! Njabulo took lots of photos, here's a good one:

Lastly, here's a teaser photo to introduce an upcoming blog post. Last Monday we attended the Heritage Day Celebrations at the Mgobodi Tribal Center. We were treated like royalty and we had a blast! The chief's wife decked me out in traditional married woman's attire. Njabulo donned a traditional top -- next year he'll hopefully get the full treatment with all the accoutrement.

- Elizabeth

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