Thursday, January 17, 2013

School Kitchen

Since a picture is worth a thousand words, I am mostly going to let the following photos speak for themselves. A few facts:

  • This "kitchen" works rain or shine.
  • Most of the prep is done in the open air.
  • Hard-working lunch ladies serve over 325 students every day from this "kitchen."
  • The school faces a choice right now between hiring a teacher for a required course or building a new kitchen building, because there aren't funds for both. We suggested that the better choice right now is the teacher. We have offered to help the school write a grant to obtain funds for a new kitchen.

Lunch cooking
Lunch ladies
Prep area and wood gathered for cooking fire

So, how many of our blog readers would be willing to donate towards a new kitchen? Peace Corps allows us to solicit funds in a few different ways. One way is through the Peace Corps Partnership Program (PCPP). A few facts about the PCPP:
  • Projects are put on the Peace Corps website for fundraising. You would donate online.
  • All donations are tax deductible.
I'm going to place a poll in the sidebar. Please help us out by taking it, or leave us a comment. Thanks!!

- Elizabeth

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