Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Here is a poem by one of our bright young learners!

Alcohol Drug Abuse

I am Alcohol Drug abuse
I am a friend
A friend of everyone
If you want me you can find me everywhere

At the taverns, parties, weddings, weddings or bashes
But most people invite me
When they have stress
They always come
I welcome them 'coz we are friends

Hhe --- but be careful
I am the destroyer
I can destroy your youth your life every time
coz now you are strong or healthy and
I can take you to the groove

I don't mean that you have
to leave me alone
I am a friendly take care
of my friends
I don't have enemies in my life
you are always welcome if you want me

I am a remover of stress
I am the one who destroy's
the youth's future
I am the one who makes the you have fun
I will keep on doing it
But be aware
I can put you in prison

-Veronica Nkosi, Grade 8


  1. Stefanie HargreavesMarch 13, 2013 at 7:57 AM

    Wow, this is as beautiful as it is powerful. Veronica, thank you for sharing your work. And I hope that you continue to do so!

  2. Well done Veronica! There's balance in your words and it's fun to read from so far away. I'm in Medford, Massachusetts USA...perhaps you can find me on a map.