Monday, July 14, 2014

The American Pepperoni

Mmmm, pizza!
I'm cleaning off the camera today. :) Two posts in one day!

Every month, we spend our weekend away at Hhusha Hhusha Guesthouse, run by our now good friends, Sarah and Guiomar. We saved half of the American pepperoni that my mom brought in March for a final American style pizza party at Hhusha. 

I made three pepperoni pizzas and one mushroom/thyme pizza. We ate a LOT of pizza, drank way too much, played the hilarious game 30 Seconds, and had a blast! 

We'll really miss Sarah and Guiomar when we leave. They treated us like family and saved our sanity at times. Two of the nicest people around!

Making pizza 
Guiomar, Perry, and me
PS I totally forgot to mention -- those are peanut butter Girl Scout Cookies you see there for dessert!

- Elizabeth

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