Saturday, November 3, 2012

Kruger National Park

Nomsa naNjabulo savakashela eKruger National Park futsi sabona tilwane kakhulu!!

KNP - Malelane Gate 
Two weekends ago Njabulo and I went on a a day-long game drive in Kruger National Park. We used Echo Africa and our driver was Elsa, who was an excellent guide. What an awesome day! It was raining at 5:15AM when we were picked up from the backpacker's (in fact, we'd had a truly spectacular thunderstorm the night before, storms are awe-inspiring here!), but by the time we were in the park it was just misting and the rain eventually stopped. Drives are taken in nine passenger open-sided safari vehicles, but we only picked up one other passenger, a nice gentleman from Portugal, so we basically had an almost private tour. At first, we didn't see many animals, but later in the morning, we saw a wide variety of animals all over the park, and very close-up, too! I think the only animals we missed seeing were the leopard and the wild dogs – must save something for next time, though!

Lichen covered "balancing" rock. Amazing geology here!
Njabulo took a lot of good photos – but we only have about half of them on our computer right now, because our camera battery died around lunchtime and we used the guide's camera for the rest of the day. She's promised to leave a CD of the photos at the backpacker's we stay at, so hopefully we'll have them next weekend. Njabulo also has some video he's promised to edit – we can upload that when we're at the backpacker's, too. For now, these photos speak for themselves. 

I've posted my favorites, I'll upload the rest to Picasa next weekend!

- Elizabeth

For me the most amazing part of the trip was being 15 meters away from a pair of white rhinos munching contentedly on the grass. Rhinos have a reputation for being belligerent, but these two were quite mellow. Which is good, because rhinos are huge, muscular, and run very fast!
- Perry
White rhino. We have video, too, stay tuned! 
Baboon troop. Saw many baboons.
Gnu and impala. Impala are ubiquitous.
"Zebra" millipede crossing the road. Usually all black - guide stated "zebras" are one in a thousand.
Dozing lion. Could literally have reached out and touched him.
Vervet monkeys and baby. A-dor-able!
Tawny eagle.
Adult and baby warthog. Babies have wide whiskers that emulate tusks.
Southern giraffe. We saw quite a few of them!
Elephant and baby. We should be getting a lot more elephant photos on the CD!
Lunch stop, last photo with our camera!
That's all for now, more soon! 

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